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Greg Duffey

Greg Duffey


Co-owner of Minuteman Press, Greg's first paying gig in the print industry was in 1986. He took a position as a "stripper" apprentice making $5 an hour. He figured if he could make that kind of money looking into a light table all day, then who needs a college education!

Finding himself dreaming of dot patterns, Greg earned the title of Journeyman Film Assembler by the Master Printers of America. He was awarded certificates in "The Theory of Color" and various Scanning and RIP operations by DuPont and Creo. He was the leading operator of color scanners and digital prepress equipment for a large commercial printing company, and eventually took on the role of Manager/Supervisor for several years.

Got a prepress question? Need to know about software, PDFs, resolution, color, dpi, ppi, rgb, cmyk, or whatever else those prepress people do? Ask Greg - he loves talking about that stuff...

Greg lives in Norwalk with his wife Valerie and their 8 (yes, EIGHT) children. Oh, and if you want to know, they have four boys and four girls.