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Joe Brenneis

Joe Brenneis


Co-owner of Minuteman Press, Joe began his career in printing having served an apprenticeship under Master Gutenberg. It was then that he learned the fine art of ink on paper and acquired a taste for knockwurst and strudel.

He is listed with the Master Printers of America as a journeyman pressman having spent 20 years in the pressroom. He eventually became a leader in his industry and assumed the role of Pressroom Supervisor. He was once responsible for overseeing the printing of color standards for M&M Mars that were distributed to printers worldwide! Needless to say, Joe no longer enjoys Snickers Bars in quite the same way. He was also featured in "American Printer" magazine highlighting a fleet of Heidelberg presses and sporting the cleanest pressroom on the East coast.

Got a question about paper or ink or the best way to get something to print? Ask Joe - he won't admit it, but he's a guru when it comes to that stuff...

Joe lives in Trumbull with his wife Deb and their two children, Matt & Alisha.